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Colorectal Web is an interactive electronic tool promoting colorectal cancer screening. The website presents information on colorectal cancer and various screening options, and is designed to help adults aged 50 or older choose a preferred method of screening. The website uses a simple design with limited text and an emphasis on graphics. Users select and rank three variables that they consider when choosing a screening approach. The preference variables include cost, discomfort, embarrassment, frequency, inaccurate results, inconvenience, need for additional tests, preparation for test, risk, and sedation. The program uses these variables to recommend a screening test that best matches the user's preferences. After the user selects a screening method, they view a video clip of a doctor encouraging them to complete their selected screening.

Goal / Mission

The goal of the Colorectal Web interactive website is to promote colorectal cancer screening.

Results / Accomplishments

In a randomized controlled trial, Colorectal Web users were compared to a control group that used an existing non-interactive colorectal cancer website. Immediately following the intervention, Colorectal Web participants were significantly more likely to have selected a preferred colorectal cancer screening method when compared to the control group (p < 0.0001). At the 24 week follow-up, the Colorectal Web intervention group was significantly more likely to have been screened than the control group (p = 0.035).

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Oct 2007
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